About Me

I have been building databases for over 15 years, but started Small Cloud IT in 2014 as a technology partner to help businesses grow. I enjoy building technology solutions for a variety of "customer journeys".

I work closely with stakeholders to understand business needs, and then design a solutions that lean heavily on industry best practices. I look forward to engaging partnerships with people who leverage technology to get better business results.


Henry McGovern

My Experience

  • Built first database in high school

  • First job doing tech support for Sun Microsystems

  • Ran network, database and email for political campaign

  • Built processing app for healthcare company

  • Started residential integration business

  • Went to business school

  • Found out about Salesforce.com

  • Learned to code

  • Helping businesses grow using Salesforce.com since 2010

My Mission

To enable positive change using cloud-based technologies. To help businesses run better, faster and smarter.


Project Management Institute Project Manager (PMP)

Salesforce.com Sales Consultant
Salesforce.com Pardot Consultant
Salesforce.com Administrator